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Top 10 Projects

Join TeamCooper in our commitment to developing Exuma by becoming a volunteer, joining a committee or financially supporting a community project. Here is a list of the Top 10 Projects being supported by TeamCooper.

Potable Water SE Exuma

Installation of water mains to provide water to 150 existing homes but will spur development in the areas from Rolle Town to Forbes Hill. Only brackish well water available to residents at this time or filtering using expensive private R/O plants.

Exuma Pride Project (EPP)

A comprehensive plan for sustaining the environment of Exuma. The plan was launched late 2018 and has received significant publicity and momentum. Exuma’s member of parliament has donated his entire member of parliament salary ($28,000) to kick start the initiative.

Exuma Youth Empowerment Center (& Hurricane Shelter)

The first phase will include a 5,000 sq. ft. multipurpose center that will be a retreat for the youth of the island, including a 250 seat auditorium, class rooms, indoor-outdoor café, kitchen, game room, green house for agriculture, classroom equipped with computers & modern technology for training in audio-video & music production and graphic design. As the island is within the hurricane belt, the building will be erected with back-up generator and medical clinic to also serve as a hurricane shelter. Exuma’ s member of parliament personally donated $10,000 to kick-start the project.

EPP - Lake Victoria Restoration

Lake Victoria is adjoined to Elizabeth Harbor. Due to current flows the lake has been a collection point for waste from the harbor. The lake is at the heart of George Town and potentially one of the most visible landmarks on the island. The project will clean up the debris and treat the water to restore the natural beauty. The shoreline will be beautified with benches and boardwalks and foreshadow low density use by entrepreneurs e.g. spas.

Little Exuma Community Center & Hurricane Shelter

A multipurpose center that will be a retreat for the youth and seniors on the Island of Exuma. It will seat 150 people and be a center for the promotion of crafts, straw market, heritage and include an indoor-outdoor café. Exuma’ s member of parliament personally donated $5,000 to kick-start the project.

BEF - Funding For Small Entrepreneurs

Exuma is receiving significant growth mainly through foreign direct investments. In order to encourage harmonious, socio-economic balance Bahamas Empowerment Fund was formed as a venture capital vehicle to assist small and medium sized business. Over the past 24 months the Exuma’ s member of parliament has personally invested $75,000 for technical support and to fund two (2) home based businesses. Access to funding is a major impediment to locals seizing the opportunities that spin off from the island’s economic growth.

EPP - Elizabeth Harbor Management

Elizabeth Harbor home of the National Family Island sailing regatta is naturally one of the world’s most beautiful harbors. It attracts on an annual basis thousands of boats that anchor in the harbor for months at a time. There is no active pump-out service. Based upon estimates by previous pump-out service it is estimated than in excess of 500,000 gallons on sewerage is discharged in the harbor annually. Lake Victoria (# 4 above) has been the unfortunate recipient of much of same. This project will put in place a self-management authority, re-establish the pump-out service and install 25 moorings in the first phase to reduce the destruction of the sea bed by anchors. This project is led by the Elizabeth Harbor Conservation Partners which is a committee of local stakeholders.

Moriah Harbor Project

Moriah Harbor is a new National park designated by the Government and managed by the Bahamas National Trust. A project is underway to build a landing dock for dinghies, a classroom for the education of students and visitors as well as walking trails and cabanas. This project is being led by the Exuma Foundation.

LC Scholarship Fund

Louise Cooper Scholarship Fund as the name implies assist deserving students from low income families to receive tertiary education. The Fund was inspired by the personal upbringing of the island’s MP and named in honor of his deceased mother. Over the past four (4) years the Fund has assisted nine (9) Exumians for approximately $100,000 to attend mainly the University of the Bahamas and Bahamas Technical Vocational Institute.

A Plan For A Prosperous & Sustainable Exuma

With the rapid growth of the island of Exuma, a master plan must be created and adopted by the people of Exuma through engagement and focus groups. The design should forecast the future growth of the island over the next 30 years and receive cross sector support from all stakeholders. The plan will engage appropriate consultants to crystallize and finalize previous work done by the Government and others including Harvard University.