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The coronavirus pandemic has increased joblessness, resulting from the halt in tourism and the emergency orders, and has made those already vulnerable fall deeper into destitution. As a result of the urgent need, Team Cooper has established a food bank to further assist the most vulnerable in Exuma.

Empowering People To Build A Nation

“I dream of building a nation connecting all Bahamians; grounded in the wisdom of the past and harnessing the creativity of the present to develop a future where our youth can have aspirations to not only survive, but to thrive. Not only to have a job but to own our Bahamas; to build and grow their own business and carve out their own piece of the pie.”
Chester Cooper, MP
Exuma & Ragged Islands

Half Term Report

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve you, inside and outside the halls of Parliament, as your Member of Parliament.
Chester Cooper, MP
Exuma & Ragged Islands

eVision 2030

Exuma will become the hub of southern aviation; center for medical and marine tourism, and home of sailing for The Bahamas. The capital of Exuma, George Town, will be restored to bring about a renewed sense of pride and create economic opportunities for Exumians.
Chester Cooper, MP
Exuma & Ragged Islands

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Work With US

Making Exuma the best place to live, work and raise families is my passion, my dream and my goal.
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The vision of Exuma Pride is to make Exuma Island and Cays the model of excellence for The Bahamas by delivering comprehensive, sustainable, impactful programmes that will develop the Exumas.

The BEF was created as a venture capital vehicle to assist small and medium sized businesses and encourage harmonious, socio-economic balance in our Country.

The Exuma Youth Empowerment Center provides a safe, productive, caring atmosphere where members can explore positive means of creativity, and innovation as they work to set goals and master achievements.

The Progressive Liberal Party is a Democratic liberal party that believes in the progress and advancement of the rights of individuals and the protection of individual freedom. Chester Cooper has served as the Deputy Leader of the PLP since 2017.